Baton Rouge restaurant Boil & Roux is featured on an episode of the Food Network TV show 'Restaurant Impossible.'

The 'Restaurant Impossible' episode featuring Boil & Roux airs Thursday, January 26 at 7 p.m. CST and a preview on Facebook has garnered mixed reactions from viewers on social media.

A description of the preview clip revealed that Boil & Roux had major cleanliness issues in addition to the restaurant's owner being nearly a half-million dollars in debt.

Owner Maurice is facing $450,000 of debt. But that's only part of the problem. The kitchen at Boil & Roux is so filthy that Chef Robert Irvine can't even try the food 😳

In a matter of hours after posting the clip on Facebook, the Food Network preview of Boil & Roux's 'Restaurant Impossible' episode garnered over 1,000 comments from those who aired their grievances with the restaurant to others who advised others to give them a chance after making necessary improvements.

After seeing the clip that featured dirty surfaces and food on the floor, a lot of people used the images as a platform to describe their personal subpar experiences at the restaurant.

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There were others who reminded critical commenters that the entire reason the owner of Boil & Roux reached out for help was to become a better restaurant for their customers.

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Of course, there were also people who pointed out how reality TV doesn't sell without drama or a "storyline" that will draw in viewers.

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After the Food Network clip went viral, the official Boil & Roux page posted a statement seeming to acknowledge the criticism they were receiving on the 'Restaurant Impossible' preview.

Boil & Roux's statement pointed out all of the adversity they have overcome in recent years as "one of the few black-owned restaurants in the city" of Baton Rouge. They also made it a point to remind customers that other restaurants have been featured on similar reality shows in an effort to "expand and continue to thrive."

The restaurant also pointed out that the episode airs Thursday night (Jan. 26) but was filmed last year; seeming to allude that they have since made improvements.

Boil & Roux says the negative imagery is part of the show being that "all episodes have the same plot and twist" before claiming that they are "here to stay."

We are constantly growing and working to make your dining experience better each and every day! Don’t believe the hype , we are here to stay!

We reached out to Boil & Roux to find out more about their experience on the show and to get an update on business in the wake of the episode being filmed.

We'll be sure to add any new information if we hear back from Boil & Roux; but in the meantime, be sure to check them out Thursday night (Jan. 26) on Food Network's 'Restaurant Impossible.'

Check out their menu, hours, and more information on the official Boil & Roux website here.

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