A woman was recently kicked off of a flight after she turned an entire row of seats into a makeshift fort by covering them in clear plastic wrap for a "privacy upgrade".

Woman Kicked Off Plane For Wrapping Seats In Plastic
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Woman Wraps Airplane Seats in Plastic for Privacy

A woman was recently kicked off of a flight after she decided to turn her entire row of seats into a private privacy fort by wrapping all three seats in clear plastic wrap.

It's not normal practice for someone to buy all three seats in a row on a flight, and airlines don't usually like doing it but, depending on demand for a particular flight, they will from time to do it.

In this case, they're certainly regretting their decision to allow it.

As soon as the flight staff goes into First Class, the woman quickly gets to work.

First, she begins to section off her private row of seats by wrapping plastic wrap around the seats.

She even tells, not asks, the passengers behind her to move their laptops so she can get her plastic wrap around the back of her seats.

Woman Wraps Seats In Plastic
Twitter @DailyLoud

After a few quick wraps, she then attempts to build the roof to her clear plastic structure.

From viewfromthewing.com -

"The whole thing began to look like a giant spider web, and then she… covered her face in plastic wrap, which is generally inadvisable for breathing and continuing to live reasons.

It turns out she was just using her face to hold onto stretched pieces of plastic wrap until she tore it off of the sheet, so she could use it for pieces of the roof."

Woman Wrapped Seats In Plastic
Twitter @DailyLoud
Plastic Wrap On Airplane
Twitter @DailyLoud

Eventually, a crew member noticed and told her to take it down immediately.

She told the flight attendant “I can do whatever I want”.

The woman was sternly informed that no, she cannot do whatever she wants.

She and her plastic wrap were removed from the flight.

UPDATE - After this story was written, Twitter's new Community Notes popped up stating this video is possibly staged.

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