The winds of change are blowing across Alexandria, Lafayette, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles. And on that breeze is a very distinct odor. The kind of odor that could have gotten you thrown in jail not that long ago in Louisiana.

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We are speaking about cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, ganja, blunts, spliffs, the Devil's lettuce, and at least three dozen more unique names for the plant that is known to scientists as Cannabis sativa. And the move to make cannabis and cannabis products legally available is marching forward not only in Louisiana but across the country.

Marijuana is a drug. Hence, in the state of Louisiana, it is available (legally) by prescription only. To say the prescription process for obtaining marijuana is "lenient" is like saying that sometimes there's traffic congestion on I-10 when there is a crash on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. It's a farce and facade at best, but it provides the state one more way to earn revenue from what will become a huge revenue generator for the coffers in Baton Rouge in the coming years.

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Whether you choose to use marijuana as part of your medical protocol is up to you and your doctor. However, who is using marijuana and when they're using could be a concern for you. But, if you don't know what to look for, smell for, or be observant about it might be hard to "catch" someone using pot even at your workplace.

Just to clarify, there is a difference between using marijuana for medical reasons and being "a stoner". Most medical marijuana users in Louisiana are not the criminal type. They are very responsible in their use of the drug. They know when to say when and they know when they are impaired.

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A stoner is someone who smokes pot. No, seriously, that's what they do. They wake and bake. They watch the Price is Right while high. They know all of the TV judges by name. And, even though they shouldn't be driving, they're the ones slowing down the line at the Taco Bell.

There are some signs that someone is using marijuana, legally or illegally. No, they are not 100% proof but they are a pretty good starting place if you need to have a conversation with someone.

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