The Storm Prediction Center has issued its severe weather outlook for this weekend and cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and even parts of Acadiana might need to keep an eye on the sky, especially on Saturday afternoon.

As you can see in the graphic above from the SPC the threat of strong storms, possibly reaching severe limits will cover a large part of Louisiana. The eastern and southeastern sections of the state are included in a marginal risk forecast for severe storms.

However the risk for severe storms and the risk of showers, in general, appears to lessen the further west you travel in Louisiana. As of now, the forecast for the 10th Annual Chennault Air Show in Lake Charles does not call for a large risk of rain between now and Sunday evening. So the only "thunder" you're likely to hear there will come from these Thunderbirds of the United States Air Force.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images
Mark Wilson, Getty Images

But, if there are going to be showers or storms in cities like Lafayette, Lake Charles, or Alexandria the best time for those to occur will be after 4 pm on Saturday afternoon and before 7 pm on Saturday night.

Long-time residents of these parts of the state will recognize that forecast as fairly typical for late spring when heat and humidity combine to kick off showers and storms almost every afternoon but not over a large portion of the state. Forecasters say warm moist air interacting with an approaching frontal system late in the day on Saturday will be the reason for the rainfall if there is any rainfall to be had.

Nicky Loh/Getty Images

Those same conditions will also create a threat of showers and maybe a thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon into the early evening hours as well. However, the Storm Prediction Center, at least at this time, is not forecasting severe weather in the area for that time frame, but conditions can change.

The outlook for Louisiana appears to be rather quiet with only minimal rain chances returning to the I-10 corridor on Wednesday. Temperatures over the weekend will be in the low 90s in the afternoon while morning temperatures will begin in the mid to upper 60s.

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