Earlier this year Raising Cane's announced they would be entering the world of NASCAR by sponsoring diver Ryan Ellis. Shortly after the announcement was made, Cane's was quickly slapped with a lawsuit by Razin Kane Monster Trucks.


Razin Kane Monster Trucks Files Lawsuit Against Raising Cane's

In April of 2023, a trademark lawsuit was filed in Texas Southern District Court by Razin Kane Monster Trucks against Raising Cane’s USA.

Razin Kane is a monster truck that competes in the Monster Jam series.

The truck is named after the fictional character "Razin Kane", which is a play on the phrase "Raising Cain", meaning causing trouble or making a commotion.

Razin Kane Monster Truck
YouTube Via RazinKanesMonsterTrucks

Monster Truck Razin Kane debuted in 2009 and has been competing for the past 14 years.

Apparently, when Raising Cane's announced their NASCAR sponsorship, they allegedly violated a previous agreement preventing them from doing so.

From law.com -

"Porter Hedges filed a trademark lawsuit on Friday in Texas Southern District Court against Raising Cane’s USA.

The complaint was filed on behalf of Razin Kane Monster Trucks, which alleges that Raising Cane’s violated a court-ordered agreement prohibiting the fast-food chain from endorsing automobile racing to avoid causing trademark confusion."


Raising Canes via YouTube
Raising Canes via YouTube


Razin Kane Monster Trucks, LLC v. Raising Cane's USA, LLC

Obviously, the Raising Cane's we know and love has been around around quite a bit longer than the Monster Truck Razin Kane, with the restaurant being founded by Todd Graves and Craig Silvey in Baton Rouge back in 1996.

The similarity in names isn't issue. As the lawsuit states, the complaint from Razin Kane Monster Trucks has to do with what they contend is a violation of the court-ordered agreement for Raising Cane's to not enter the automobile racing sponsorship arena.

However, it seems the lawsuit didn't last for long.

According to law360.com Razin Kane "dropped its trademark violation case against chicken finger restaurant Raising Cane's less than two weeks after suing the fast food chain in Texas federal court, according to a dismissal order signed by the judge."

At this point no information has been given as to the reason Razin Kane dropped its lawsuit so quickly.

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