Raising Cane's is known around the U.S. for its "One Love" of selling delicious chicken fingers. In a bizarre turn of events, apparently, one real estate company didn't know this. Now, Raising Cane's is having to sue to get out of that 15-year lease agreement because...they're banned from selling chicken fingers at the new location. Here's why...

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

Raising Cane's Banned From Selling Chicken Fingers

This is kind of a weird one, so stay with us...

After opening up its first location outside the gates of LSU in Baton Rouge a little over 25 years ago, Raising Cane's has expanded to over 600 locations around the world.

Louisiana's delicious chicken secret sure isn't a secret anymore.

The perfectly marinated chicken, the Texas toast, and obviously the amazing "Cane's Sauce" are all must-haves around the globe.

Raising Cane's has become a $1.5 billion enterprise annually.

You see, we're trying to establish the fact that Raising Cane's is a pretty well-known fast-food restaurant. This will come into play in a bit.

As part of the company's continued expansions, Todd Graves and company began eyeing the town of Hobart, Indiana as a great place to set up shop.

After signing a 15-year lease agreement with Schottenstein Property Group, Raising Cane's was ready to begin constructing its new restaurant when they learned they couldn't sell chicken at this particular location.

Raising Cane's, Facebook
Raising Cane's, Facebook

From brobible.com -

"The company ran into a slight hitch after the deal was finalized when it discovered its new landlord had previously signed a deal with a nearby McDonald’s to give them exclusive rights to sell 'chicken products' at the shopping center."

So, we're supposed to believe that Schottenstein Property Group had no idea that Raising Cane's sold chicken?

So, chicken is the one thing a business opening up at this particular location can't sell, yet they entered into a 15-year lease agreement with the one company that only sells chicken.

Raising Cane's is suing to get out of the lease agreement with Schottenstein Property Group.

Should be a fairly easy case for a judge to decide.

Raising Cane's, Facebook
Raising Cane's, Facebook

What Raising Cane's should do is, keep the location but not technically sell chicken.

Instead, sell the combos of fries, Texas toast, and Cane's Sauce but give the chicken away.

The combos would still be priced as they are at all of the other locations, but they would only "technically" be selling the fries, Texas toast, and Cane's Sauce.

"Technically" Raising Cane's wouldn't be selling the chicken so, no violation of the weird agreement made by the owner of the property.

Read more at brobible.com.

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