Officers with the Jennings Police Department responding to a child welfare call made two arrests once arriving at the scene and finding four children living in what's described as "deplorable living conditions".

Courtesy Jennings PD via Facebook
Courtesy Jennings PD via Facebook

Parents Charged With Four Counts Of Child Neglect

KATC reports that officers with the Jennings Police Department responded to a Jennings truck stop on February 8, 2023, after receiving a welfare concern involving a juvenile.

When officers arrived at the scene they found an RV-Camper.

Danial Myers and Kyla Hosea of Conroe, Texas told officers they were indeed living in the RV with their four children.

The children ranged from two to 10 years of age.

Upon inspection of the RV-Camper, officers noticed human and animal excrement throughout the RV, as well as no running water, electricity, or any bedding.

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From KATC -

"Officials also say the children did not have enough food to eat with only partial loaves of bread and sliced cheese accessible. The children had poor hygiene, filthy clothes, and inadequate footwear to protect them from the observed biohazards on the floor as well as other hazards found inside the camper."

Meyers admitted to officers the family of six was indeed living in the RV.

Myers also acknowledged the children were being exposed to "deplorable living conditions" and that the children "lacked proper medical care, nourishment, and education."

Kyla Hosea reportedly denied these allegations.

Hosea and Meyers were both charged with four counts of Cruelty to Juveniles.

The children are now in the custody of Child Protective Services.


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