It's always cool seeing the Acadiana area make the big or small screens. (OK, at least it's cool when we show up for something good.)

While many of us were not glued to the TVs yesterday as Independence Day celebrations were going on, you probably missed a pretty cool thing on Jeopardy!

One of our beloved forms of music was the answer to a question. Or rather, it was the question to an answer.

Whoop whoop!

In case you can't see the video above for some reason, the answer was "Zydeco."

The answer was: "The Southwest Louisiana festival for this Creole music of fiddles & scrub boards began in a bean field outside Opelousas."

The question was worth $1,200 and was a part of "Double Jeopardy!," the show's second round.

J! Archive
J! Archive

Oh, thankfully, a contestant got the answer right away.

Way to look good on national television, St. Landry Parish!

Of course, our area has made Jeopardy! a time or two before. Check out some of the times that Lafayette has been featured on the game show.

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