Lottery players in Louisiana and in particular Powerball players in Louisiana have been getting their fair share of big-money wins here lately. In the last three Powerball drawings there have been $100,000 winning tickets sold in Louisiana. Oddly enough, all three of those big-money winners have been sold in the part of the state commonly referred to as Acadiana.

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For the uninformed, Acadiana is the area around Lafayette, Louisiana. Lafayette is one of those communities that has had a $100,000 winner verified in the past week. Saint Martinville has also produced a $100,000 winner. And, this past Wednesday drawing for the Powerball game produced a $100,000 winning ticket that was sold in Scott Louisiana.

It's not surprising that so many high-paying winners have been coming out of the Lafayette area. Lafayette, after all, is within 50 miles of I-10. And if you don't know that theory that's backed up by data from the Louisiana Lottery then you should take a minute and become better informed before you plunk down a few bucks on a Powerball ticket.

USA Mega via YouTube
USA Mega via YouTube

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, the Powerball game will draw for an estimated top prize of $1.4 billion dollars. That is the estimated annuitized jackpot. Should you decide you want your money all at once, the lump sum payout is expected to be about $643.7 million dollars. Of course, both of those figures are before the tax man reaches in and takes his share of your good fortune.

Based on Powerball's own admission most jackpots are won by players who utilize the game's quick pick feature. It's not that quick pick is luckier, it's just that more people use the feature hence the larger share of winners. But if you do want to pick your own numbers for Saturday's Powerball, there are some numbers that get chosen more often than others do.

$213 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Mystery Winner
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What are the Most Common Numbers Drawn for Powerball?

The website USA Mega has been studying Powerball, Mega Millions, and other lottery draw games for years. They have determined through their data resources that the most commonly drawn six numbers for the Powerball game are:

61   32   21   63   36   Powerball 18

Just for clarity's sake, those are not Saturday's winning Powerball numbers. They could be but they won't be. Again, based on statistics and data those numbers are the most often drawn during Powerball games.

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What are the Least Common Numbers Drawn for Powerball?

Aren't you quite the contrarian? If you like to buck the crowd and swim upstream on your Powerball picks, you might want to choose these six numbers which are the least popular numbers drawn for Powerball games. 

13   34   49   29   26   Powerball 15

Just for clarity's sake, those are not Saturday's winning Powerball numbers. They could be but they won't be. But at least now you know what numbers other folks might not be playing when you make your choices, right?

Who are we kidding, you're going to get a quick pick, it's what we all do. I personally do not know anyone who takes the time to bubble in their numbers manually, I am sure some folks do, I just don't know them.

Powerball Jackpot Reaches A Record $500 Millon
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Where is the Best Place to Purchase a Powerball Ticket?

As far as a retail location goes, there is no particular "best place". But if you want to buy your tickets where the winners are you'd want to purchase your Powerball in Indiana. Oh, if you're traveling this weekend to support the LSU Tigers football team when they take on Mizzou on Saturday, you might want to buy a Powerball ticket in Missouri. They are right behind Indiana when it comes to states with the most Powerball jackpot wins.

Louisiana ranks seventh on that list of states with the most Powerball jackpots. Only Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Kentucky are ahead of us in that regard. So, if you're staying in-state this weekend, your odds are pretty good at home too.

Courtesy Louisiana Lottery
Courtesy Louisiana Lottery

Drawings in the Powerball game are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights at 10 p.m. Central time. By rule, all ticket sales must cease at least one hour before the drawing occurs. A Powerball ticket costs $2 but for an extra $1 a player can add the Power Play option for a chance to win even more money.






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