As far as Louisiana connoisseurs of fermented beverages are concerned, the best liquor store is the liquor store that is open when your bottle is empty. And in a state where the consumption of "spirits" is not only encouraged but often adjudicated at Mardi Gras and other celebrations having a a dependable source for things of a "spirit-ual" nature is a must.

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The folks at Tasting Table have just released their thoughts on the Best Liquor Stores in America. The Tasting Table article only identified 17 stores in their article. This leads me to believe they have more stringent criteria in their selection than we have in ours. Remember, our only qualification for a good liquor store was that it had to be open.

The Tasting Table piece takes into consideration a few more factors. The article's authors looked at reviews. Did the store get a lot of good reviews from customers who were seeking specific products or advice on specific products? They also looked at selection. In other words, did the store carry the brands you'd expect and also have some brands you would not expect at all?

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The Tasting Table narrative also looked at where bartenders shopped and which stores they recommended. The article also focused on independent or locally owned stores rather than the "big box" liquor stores.

Google Maps Google Street view
Google Maps Google Street view

What is the Best Liquor Store in Louisiana?

When you consider the article only identified 17 stores the fact that Louisiana got one on the list is pretty remarkable. The store identified is Keife and Co. That store is based in New Orleans. The store is located at 801 Howard Avenue and promises customers, "Creatively curated wines, spirits, and specialty foods" while "focusing on products of integrity and limited availability".

In a town built on hospitality, this is quite a feather in the cap for Keife and Co. The store is a well-known hangout of some of New Orleans's favorite bartenders. The store also rents stemware and allows for specialty orders too. They'll keep a customer profile on you to help you with selections in the future.

Google Maps Google Street view
Google Maps Google Street view

What's the Best Liquor Store in Texas?

For the best liquor store in Texas, you'd have to pay a visit to the state capitol of Austin. That's where you'll find The Austin Shaker. The Austin Shaker is a liquor store that was formed by two former bartenders. The pair noticed a "for rent" sign in an old building that used to be a liquor store and now the rest is history.

The Austin Shaker now has multiple locations across the city. It's famous for its multiple salts that it features for margaritas. Customers are often impressed by the amount of options and choices the store offers. The store's employees are also very knowledgeable about cocktails and spirits and have been known to offer some great advice.

That's Only Two of the 17 Best Liquor Stores

For the remainder of the list be sure and check out the article at Tasting Table's website. You can also find some other interesting and intriguing insights on foods and beverages from around the country. I am sure you'll find something that makes you hungry or at least makes you thirsty.

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