Electronic mail or e-mail as we've come to know it could become a very sore spot for tens of thousands of Louisiana residents in just a matter of weeks. In fact, beginning next month tens of thousands of e-mail accounts opened by Louisiana residents could be purged. And yes, that purge would include all of your saved messages, photos, and cherished memories if you don't take action between now and the end of November.

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Google has announced a major purge of Gmail accounts, drives, and photo accounts that will begin on December 1st. The company is alerting customers of the ongoing action and they are encouraging you to take the appropriate actions needed to save your account or at least give you the chance to salvage your data from those accounts before they become null and void.

Google isn't taking the action out of spite or with malicious intent, in fact, the cyber-giant is making the move as a security measure for all users that use the Google and Gmail platforms. The accounts that are on the chopping block are accounts that have been dormant or unused for an extended period of time.

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As of December Google plans to start culling accounts that have been inactive for two years or more. Most of those accounts, because they haven't been used, aren't updated with the latest security measures and features. Google suggests that accounts such as these because they lack features such as two-factor authentication and low-strength passwords make the system vulnerable to ne'er do wells.

As of now, the great Google purge will only apply to personal accounts. Accounts that were made in Gmail for businesses, organizations, schools, and churches will not be affected. But Google strongly suggests that those accounts be activated and updated as soon as possible.

John Schnobrich via Unsplash.com
John Schnobrich via Unsplash.com

How Do I Keep My Gmail Account Alive?

That's really easy. Just log in and use your account in the next few days. If you've signed in and performed at least one of these actions, your account will be removed from the "purge" list. So, you'll want to log into your G-mail and then:

  • Read or send an email
  • Use Google Drive
  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Download an app on the Google Play Store
  • Use Google Search
  • Use Sign in with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service

We should also note that anyone with an existing subscription set up through their Google Account is also considered to have an active account. So, if you are using your account in that way, then your data is safe as well.

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