A couple of podcasters were filming their latest episode on Saturday at a coffee shop in Houston when their show was crashed by a special surprise guest -- an SUV.

The crazy accident happened around 4:30 pm on Saturday at Tout Suite, a coffee shop in downtown Houston. The incident was caught on camera and, fortunately, both men were relatively unscathed.

Alexsey Reyes and Nathan Reeves were wrapping up filming the fifth episode of their photography podcast, "November Romeo," when the coffee shop got really quiet.

Here's the video of how it all went down:

You can even hear Reeves saying on the video saying "it got so quiet in here" just moments before a black Chevy Tahoe came crashing through a window right behind them.

Luckily, there were several bollards located on the sidewalk in front of the window, which helped the vehicle stop just enough and more than likely prevented serious injury.

"For me, I feel like I went into instant shock," said Alexsey Reyes. "He had some scratches initially with glass. I found shards on my arms and hair later."

Several other people were in the coffee shop at the time of the crash but all were unharmed.

"Thank God everybody was okay though because it could’ve been way worse. The table was like sealed into the ground so if that car went any further, I don’t even like to think about that part," said Reeves.

Police have not given any details on what led to the crash nor is it clear if the driver will face any charges.

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