The kids are out of school for the summer and no doubt you're trying to find things for them to do stay busy and, in our case, beat the heat.

Might we suggest a little road trip to Sulphur?

Yeah, some of you may be wondering: "What the heck is in Sulphur other than, well, sulfur??"

The answer to that is one of the neatest little water parks we have in all of South Louisiana.

Sulphur Parks & Recreation (SPAR) Waterpark offers a wide variety of slides, splash pads, a lazy river, pools, and just overall good summertime fun.

Specifically, some of the highlights include a 600-foot-long Raging River, Larry's Lazy River, and the Lagoon Pool. Youngers guests will enjoy Patch's Splash Pad and Splash & Play Island, with fountains, tipping buckets, small-scale slides and a gigantic yellow bucket that dumps 500 gallons of water every two minutes.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about SPAR Waterpark is the admission prices. The most anyone will pay to enjoy a day at the park is $14. Below is a view of the Waterpark admission rates.

SPAR Waterpark
SPAR Waterpark

The waterpark is open now through August 6. Before you head out there, check their 2023 season calendar to see if there are any restrictions for the day you want to visit.

SPAR Waterpark is located on the west side of Calcasieu Parish, just outside of the Sulphur city limits. The address is 933 West Parish Rd, Sulphur, LA 70663.

To learn more about SPAR Waterpark, visit or follow them on Facebook.

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