Every now and then, we all kind of think about what it would be like to go back to High School knowing what we know now. Well, a 29-year-old woman took it a huge step further and indeed went back, posing as a High School student.

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29-Year-Old Woman Poses As High School Student

Parents, students, and school officials are quite concerned after discovering a 29-year-old woman somehow legally enrolled as a student at New Brunswick High School in New Jersey and attended school "for days".

That's right, the woman was officially enrolled at the High School according to WAFB.com.

29-year-old Hyejeong Shin reportedly provided the school with a fake birth certificate in order to be enrolled, and as such, she's being charged with providing fake government documents.

29 year old poses as High School student
YouTube Via CBS New York

Even with a fake birth certificate, it still seems like it should take more than that to enroll in high school right?

Not so in New Jersey.

From WAFB.com -

"The New Jersey Department of Education requires schools to immediately enroll unaccompanied children, even without records normally required for enrollment."

According to CBS New York, Hyejeong Shin was enrolled as a Freshman at New Brunswick High School for four days.

Hyejeong Shin New Brunswick High School
YouTube Via CBS New York

Obviously, parents and students are pretty upset about this happening.

From WAFB.com -

“'To know that a person with that intention was that close to me is even scarier,' said Arroyo’s daughter, 16-year-old Rihanna Colon.

I want to see the school make a change. They simply just ignore everything, sweep it under rug for their reputation,”'

Read the full story at WAFB.com.

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