Chrissie Hynde loves her fans but not the ones who routinely hound her for autographs.

In a new Facebook post, the Pretenders leader expressed gratitude for those who have come to see the band on their recent run of club shows, describing the sets as "a total joy."

But Hynde also had some words for those fans who haven't been as fun to be around. "I want to apologize for not stopping to say hello outside the venues. I used to, but certain individuals have made it too much brain damage to deal with," she wrote. "It's not you lovely fans — it's the guys with stacks of albums and guitars they want signed.

"Personally, I appreciate a good scam, but c'mon! How cheap. You would not believe how entitled some people think they are. Aggressive? Don't get me started."

Artists Are Fed Up With Autograph Hounds

Hynde is by no means the only artist to take issue with autograph hounds. Ringo Starr stopped signing autographs more than a decade ago; these days he signs things only for charities. Dave Grohl has adopted a similar practice after getting bombarded with autograph hounds last year.

"I actually felt that autographs, more so than photographs, is like a little bit of your soul disappears every time you sign something," Justin Hawkins of the Darkness said in a 2022 YouTube video while explaining the difference between genuine fans and those simply looking to resell an autograph.

Watch Artists Refuse to Sign Autographs

Hynde went on to note that she also doesn't like to be recognized or approached in public.

"Why? Because I like doing ordinary things like walking around on my own on the street, or shopping or going to museums and whatnot. Exploring cities," she said. "That's why I do this. The music is a byproduct of wanting to see the world."

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