Many of us in South Louisiana consider our pets as an extension of our family.

With that said, we want what is best for our pets, and at times we want them to feel like they are part of the family. Unfortunately, at times our generosity can be our downfall.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we will soon begin to prepare dinner for family and friends, and lingering in the not-so-far distance will be our pets.

They will smell everything that you are preparing for Thanksgiving and like you and me, their desire to taste what is being prepared will be at an all-time high on Thanksgiving Day. However, there are some food items that you should not give your pet on Thanksgiving Day.

I know that the temptation will be there to satisfy your fur baby, but what you give your pet could be very dangerous and even provide some health complications.

Tony Chacheres Turkey
Tony Chachere's

So, let's take a look at a few things that you should refrain from giving your pet on "Turkey Day."

For starters, NEVER give your pet or dog a Turkey bone. Much like chicken bones, they can choke on it and if they swallow the bone it can puncture the lining of their stomach.

Secondly, avoid feeding your dog any bit of turkey that has a lot of spices or oil on it. This can really disrupt their digestive system and this is one mess that you DO NOT want to have to clean up with family around.

Every Thanksgiving gathering has desserts and you need to avoid feeding your dog chocolates or any other food item that contains a lot of sugar. This too can lead to digestive issues or even put your pet a risk of death. Simply avoid giving the fur baby with precious eyes dessert.

Other things you want to avoid giving your pet or dog on Thanksgiving Day are onions, grapes, dairy products, garlic, or fatty foods.

Oh, what about ham? It's probably best to avoid feeding your dog ham, but if you insist, a very small quantity should not harm the dog, but refrain from serving it a large portion of the ham on your table.

Again, dogs will be dogs and they too will want what they smell on Thanksgiving Day, so be observant and keep any food item that may be a danger to your pet out of reach.

Perhaps feeding them prior to you cooking will curb their appetite and lessen their desire for your prepped meal, but you must observe your pets while spreading the food out on Thanksgiving Day.

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