The sister of Daniel Callihan, the man accused of killing Callie Brunett and her daughter, spoke to a New Orleans media outlet and she feared something like this would happen.

Dixie Hemphill spoke to WWL Louisiana and she says that she hopes her brother rots in prison and that "he has always been deceitful."

Daniel Callihan said publicly that he did indeed commit the murders in Louisiana and Mississippi, but blamed his action on his medication. Well, his sister tells the New Orleans station he has always planned to use that excuse.

WWL YouTube
WWL YouTube

In previous conversations, Callihan told family members that using that excuse would excuse his actions and that was a bit concerning for his sister.

in addition to that, Dixie Hemphill says that she warned authorities about her brother and even relayed to them his past troubles. She says little to nothing was ever done.

According to Callihan's sister, he was in and out of mental facilities, and he was even kicked out of a facility near New Orleans due to his behavior.


Hemphill says that she saw the interview with her brother while he was in custody and that she did not see any remorse for his alleged actions, and that angers her. As for Callihan's relationship with Callie Brunett, Hemphil says they had an on-and-off relationship and she thinks her brother was living in a tent on Brunett's property.

While no official motive for the crimes has been announced, Callihan's sister believes that Brunett was kicking her brother off her property and that may have enraged him.

When asked what should happen to her brother, Hemphll tells WWL, “I don’t think he should die. You know why I think he shouldn’t die? It ain’t that I don’t think he deserves. I think he should rot in prison. I think he should literally get what he has been asking for."

For more about what the suspected murderer's sister had to say about his action check out the interview below.


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