A roller coaster malfunction forced those on the ride to evacuate it and walk down the roller coaster structure.

The ride got stuck on the tracks near the peak of the ride, which is 200 feet above the ground.

In a new report, which you will see here, you can see riders walking down the structure while waiving to those documenting the malfunction.


While no one was injured in this incident, those on the ride were up there for 30 minutes before being instructed to evacuate.

The roller coaster which reaches close to 72 mph is stationed at Cedar Point and has been in operation since 1983.

A spokesperson for the park told 13 Action News that a  “standard ride stoppage” caused the evacuation of the ride.

Here's a report on this very scary incident and a video of the riders having to walk down 200 feet after the ride stopped.

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This isn't the first ride we've seen malfunction in recent weeks. Check out the video of other riders malfunctioning while occupied by riders.


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