Sometimes you never really know what you will see on the highway, including vehicles that resemble a UFO.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol recently posted a few photos from a traffic stop and it shows an tropper posing next to a "vehicle" that resembles a UFO.

As you can see below, there were two occupants in the vehicle, and both had sunglasses on that resembled the eyes of an alien. Now, we don't know where they were headed or if this vehicle was even "street legal," but it did catch the attention of many, including this officer.

Marksville, 2019
Getty Images

Those who were commenting on the vehicle on social media applauded the idea, but so many were asking if this UFO had an airconditioner, after all, it's warm across the country.

We hope that the driver of this vehicle was not ticketed and that they made it to their destination, as for the trooper who pulled them over, he seemed to enjoy this moment while on the job.

Now if we can only find a vehicle like this one here to take to Holly Beach on a busy weekend. .


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