If you are of a certain age, then your childhood has some really great candy and gum options, but not anything like the tens of thousands of candy varieties that are available today.

Let me take you back to a time when one of the most popular selections of young children everywhere came from the gum section of the candy aisle in the supermarket checkout line.

If you were lucky enough to be allowed a treat at the store and you were a gum lover as a little kid, you were going to pick this gum.

Gobstoppers Candy
Photo via The Tiny Reviewer YouTube

Sike!!! Gobstoppers are not going away, but the option that is disappearing is made by the same company.

Part of my childhood is dying right this moment! Okay, that's a little dramatic.

It was maybe 8 seconds of flavor, but oh the fun!

The company that makes this candy that is going to be discontinued also makes these classics:

Atomic Fire Balls


Super Bubble



Fun Dip

Boston Baked Beans (candy)

Red Hots



Bottle Caps

Pixy Stix

Rain Blo

Now, don't freak out! None of the above candies are disappearing, but another favorite for kids from the '70s and beyond, you better go and hunt out what is left on store shelves now, because after the current supplies are exhausted there will be no more of the brand.

Fruit Stripe Gum
via Inside Edition You Tube

What Candy Am I Talking About?

Well, foodandwine.com says candy maker Ferrara is discontinuing Fruit Stripe gum!!! Awe, man! Remember, there was the cartoon Zebra on the front of the package and all the cool-looking colors.

Jim Parker was the man who was responsible for inventing this tasty gum in 1969. The gum brand then shifted to quite a few companies that bought it until Ferrara Candy purchased the brand.

As time has passed it is less popular. A Ferrara company representative told food and wine the following,

The decision to sunset this product was not taken lightly, and we considered many factors before coming to this decision, including consumer preferences, and purchasing patterns.

Fruit Stripe Gum Commercial
Photo, via Hugo Faces YouTube

Do You Remember the Slogan for Fruit Stipes Gum?

I think one of the big reasons this product sold, in addition to being cute packaging for kids, was the slogan for the gum.

It was quick, easy, and fun to say, "Yikes, Stripes!"

If you were rolling with the giant pack of Fruit Stripes in your pocket as a kid, you were "the stuff", but such is life. As the phrase goes, "All good things must come to an end", and alas, we will have to bid farewell to Fruit Stripes. Bummer.

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