Some really sad news is coming out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and LSU.

The LSU Marching Band announced on social media that they are mourning the loss of a sophomore band member.

It was announced that Eli Thomas, a second-year member of the Tiger Band saxophone section has passed away.

The young man was not only part of the LSU marching band, but he was also active in Kappa Kappa Psi.

LSU Marching Band
LSU Marching Band

According to the marching band's post on social media, Eli was very kind and compassionate. He was also very passionate about being involved in the LSU community, which is why so many are in shock of his passing.

According to WAFB, the cause of death has not yet been announced. We extend our thoughts to his family and to all who knew this young man on the campus of LSU.

Here's the post shared by the LSU band on social media that shows a number of photos of Elli.


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