So many in Louisiana are battling Flu, COVID, and Strep Throat these days, and treatment varies for each.

If you speak to anyone who works in the medical field they will tell you that in recent weeks they have seen an uptick in cases for all of the above and that those affected vary in age.

Well, just a few days ago we had to take our son to a Walk-In Clinic after complaining about a sore throat and headache, and yes he was diagnosed with Strep Throat.

While it isn't a severe case of Strep, he was prescribed medication and instructed to stay out of school for the next few days. In addition to all of that, he was sent home with a stack of papers that included an excuse for school.

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As I was reading through the papers, I read up on the diagnosis and also read on how to treat Strep Throat. Of course, antibiotics are the most common form of treatment, but there are things you should do to erase the infection and one is to address something you have in your bathroom.

According to the orders we got back from the clinic if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Strep Throat you need to dispose of your toothbrush two days after the diagnosis.


Yes, the toothbrush you use every day needs to go if you are attempting to get over Step Throat. If you continue to use a contaminated brush, it may be more difficult to battle the infection you are currently dealing with.

Too often those who are ill fail to dispose of what may be contaminated, like the toothbrush, and this just prolongs the illness.

So, if you are someone you know is battling Step, you may want to send them this reminder as so many people are sick these days. Another good practice is to continue using disinfectants on your hands during the winter months.


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