Halloween is here and NFL players across the league participated in dressing up prior to their games this past weekend.

Many NFL players showed up to stadiums in costume and while many were good, Joe Burrow may have had one of the best ones.

The former LSU star showed up to his game this week dressed up as an alien. After all, he was on the West Coast this week for his game, so it was appropriate.

LSU v Mississippi
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Burrow not only had an alien mask on, but he was also sporting a NASA sweatshirt as he exited the team's bus prior to their game against the San Fransico 49ers.

The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the 49ers Sunday afternoon, so perhaps the alien costume was good luck for Joe and his team.

Here's NFL QB Joe Burrow walking into the stadium Sunday dressed up as an alien.

Then there was this kid who dressed up as the head coach for the Miami Dolphins. If he was in a costume contest, he should have won easily.


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