Hurricane Beryl has made landfall in Texas, and sadly we now have our first U.S. confirmed death due to the storm.

For days forecasters have been tracking Hurricane Beryl and a Texas landfall finally happened on Sunday.

As many evacuated the Texas coast, some residents stayed and one man who elected to not leave his home died as a result of the storm.

Hurricane Beryl Lashes Over Jamaica
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Officials with Harris County have confirmed that a man died after a tree fell on the house that he was staying in as the Category 1 hurricane pushed through parts of Texas.

KTRK reported that by the time authorities were able to reach the home the man was dead after the tree fell on the house.

Before making landfall in the U.S., Hurricane Beryl was responsible for at least ten deaths in the Caribbean.

Over 1 million people are currently without power since Beryl made landfall in Texas.

Check out what the gulf looked like as Hurricane Beryl approached the Texas coast this past weekend.

In an update, another person has died as a result of trees falling during the storm.


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