A FedEx plane en route to Chattanooga, Tennessee made a dramatic emergency landing overnight. Just before midnight, the Boeing 757 experienced landing gear issues. As it touched the ground, it slid the length of the runway and into a grassy area. The plane stopped short of a nearby road.

Three crew members were reported to be on board the plane and are said to have survived the crash. Detailed updates on their condition were not made available. Shortly before the plane was due to land, on final approach the crew notified the tower that it was having issues with its landing gear.

It circled the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to burn off fuel before landing, essentially on the belly of the plane. Smoke and sparks could be seen as emergency crew vehicles waited at the airport. The initial call came in around 11 PM and local TV station WVLT reported that police fire and emergency personnel were quickly staged and waited.

FedEx Safety Record

FedEx has had several plane crashes in its history, but safety improvements have been made over the years. One notable incident includes a 1994 crash of Flight 705, where a disgruntled employee attempted to hijack the plane. The crew miraculously survived.

In 2009, Flight 80 crashed in Japan due to weather and pilot errors, resulting in fatalities. Since then, FedEx has invested in safety measures and training to reduce the risk of accidents and preventable crashes.

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