Are we wrong for laughing at this one?

Watch as a principal unlocks a dumpster near a school and is quickly greeted by a large black bear.

An elementary school principal in West Virginia opened the dumpster prior to the start of the school day and what he did not know was that a black bear was locked inside.

Apparently, when someone locked it the day before, the bear was already inside the dumpster.


I assume the bear was fine in there and I am certain that he or she had plenty to eat while locked inside.

Still, as you can see here, this bear was ready to get out and it did not waste a second as soon as the principal opened the dumpster.

Someone about to exit a building near the dumpster saw what was happening and she quickly retreated back inside.

No one appeared to be injured by this unexpected greeting, but I am sure school officials took the precautionary measure to secure students and staff at the elementary school.


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