Alligators are on the move in South Louisiana and now one has been spotted at the Dollar General Store in Catahoula, Louisiana.

In recent days we've seen several videos and photos of gators on the roads, in people's yards, and now you can add the Dollar General Store to the list.

Casandra Latiolais posted a photo of an alligator nestled up against the store in Catahoula, LA. What's concerning is the alligator positioned itself between the building and the potting soil that is for sale in front of the store.

Had someone not noticed this dangerous animal near the store, someone going for the potting soil may have been greeted by an angry alligator.

This photo is a great reminder to stay alert while out and about as temperatures warm up. A lot of wild animals are on the move these days, and alligators across Louisiana are too.

And no, these gators are not just being spotted in or near water, thus you need to be aware of your surroundings while even out in your yard or flower beds.

I am told that Wildlife and Fisheries were called to the store to relocate the alligator.

Here's the photo of this gator at the store in Catahoula.

Cassandra Latiolais
Cassandra Latiolais


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