A heartwarming viral TikTok shows a man crying after his sister surprises him with his beloved, long-lost childhood toy, which he lost in a grocery store aisle 23 years ago.

In the clip, TikTok user @sarahmdunn films as her brother, who is celebrating his birthday, begins to open a gift bag. What he doesn't know is that inside the bag is the toy he lost two decades ago, which his sister recently found at an antique mall.

He pauses as he reaches into the bag and looks down at the gift inside. Then, he bursts into tears.

"You can't be serious," he says as he pulls out a vintage Pillsbury Doughboy doll.

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The man is so overwhelmed that he begins to give the toy kisses as his friends and family cheer.

"Aisle 47 at Walmart... June of 2005, I lost him," he says.

"I will never lose you again," he promises the toy before thanking his loved ones for the sweet surprise.

Watch the touching moment below:

In the comments section, viewers were overwhelmed by the kindness of the man's sister, as well as his genuine reaction to the heartfelt gift.

Some were also surprised by the toy itself.

"[I don't know] what I was expecting but it wasn't the Pillsbury Doughboy ... so wholesome," one person wrote.

"This literally made me cry! And the support in the back is beautiful to see!" another commented.

"I think that you helped him heal a deep wound," someone else shared.

"He turned into a little boy in the best, most wholesome way when he saw that," another user wrote.

"The sweetness of this whole video made my heart swell," someone else wrote.

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