Mcdonald's new beverage-centric, drive-through-only concept CosMc's has proven to be wildly popular at its one and only pilot location in a Chicago suburb, Bolingbrook Illinois.

 The drive-thru-only concept offers a Starbucks-meets-Sonic menu, featuring fruity and coffee-flavored slushes and drinks.

CosMc's saw double the visits of a normal, new McDonald's, and had so many guests that local police had to help navigate traffic.

McDonald's Spinoff Restaurant CosMc's Opens First Location In Illinois
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Now, this new concept is coming to Texas, with a total of 10 locations in the Dallas/ Fort Worth and San Antonio metroplexes. So what can we Texans expect from CosMc's?

Based on the Bolingbrook location's experience, and its posted menu, here's a look at what we can likely expect when Texas gets invaded with this out-of-this-world new concept from McDonald's.

Lovin' It: CosMc's Are Coming To Texas, Here's What To Expect

After the enormous success of CosMc's pilot location near Chicago, the next 10 locations will pop up in Texas soon. Based on what's happened at the Bolingbrook location and its posted menu, here's what we can likely expect from this "other-worldly" spin-off of McDoanld's in Texas.

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