It's spring time, y'all! I've lived in south Louisiana my entire life, but I've never experienced the beauty and deliciousness that Avery Island has to offer. I figured it's about time I live a little, and plan on hitting up the Island this spring. Where are some other good places to go around Acadiana this spring?

My love for Tabasco is outlandish. It really is. I use it on practically everything. I own shirts (one of which I straight asked somebody that was wearing it, and he gave it to me! But that's a totally different story altogether). I've used every kind of Tabasco sauce they've made (except for the "Reserve". But I just placed my order for that). Yet, I still haven't visited the motherland of it all...Avery Island. Along with the actual Tabasco factory, they have 170 acres of natural beauty in the Jungle Gardens. So, this spring I plan on visiting Avery Island and getting my full Tabasco experience on.

I mean...Look at this place!!!


And this...this is glorious!!!


What I'm asking for is more ideas for things to do around the Acadiana area this spring! What are some other sights to see? Obviously, since it's spring and most plant life should be in bloom, outdoor activities are preferable, but that doesn't have to be the case. Let's go on an adventure!!! Let us know your favorite places around the area to go during spring time!

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