There's no doubt that the New Orleans Pelicans King Cake Baby is the creepiest mascot in the NBA, but is it creepy enough to be the face of a killer?

The people behind the movie "Happy Death Day" must seem to think so, because the mask worn by the mysterious murderer in the horror/comedy flick looks surprisingly similar to the King Cake loving NOLA mascot.

According to TMZ, the two characters are so similar that the creator of King Cake Baby is suing Universal City Studios, Blumhouse Productions and everyone else attached to the film.

Are there some differences? Yes. The killer mask has one less tooth and it's eyes are slightly more sadistic, but other than that and a little dirt the two plastic baby faces look a lot alike. Here are pictures from the "Happy Death Day" and Pelicans Instagram's:

So, what do you think? Did "Happy Death Day" get it's killer mask inspiration for King Cake Baby or is it just a coincidence that the Pelicans mascot happens to be a creepy baby?

Oh, and if you want more creepy baby masked killers in your like the "Happy Death Day" sequel "Happy Death Day 2 U" is now playing in theaters.

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