There's rumor, that is most likely true, that Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican at night onto the streets of Rome. The speculation comes from an interview with Archbishop Konrad Krajewski. What is he doing in the city? Keep reading to find out. 

A knowledgable source in Rome told The Huffington Post that "Swiss guards confirmed that the pope has ventured out at night, dressed as a regular priest, to meet with homeless men and women."

Krajewski earlier said, “When I say to him ‘I’m going out into the city this evening’, there’s the constant risk that he will come with me," and he merely smiled and duckedthe question when reporters asked him point-blank whether the Pope accompanied him into the city.

When Pope Francis was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, he was known to sneak out at night to break bread with the homeless, sitting with them on the street and eating with them to show that they were loved.


What do you think about His Holiness sneaking out at night?

Here's a video about it if you don't feel like reading.


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