The telephone in my kitchen rang and because I didn't recognize the number it was a no-brainer to let the voice mail get the call. The automated voice on the message informed me that I was about to be arrested. My first thought, I better put on pants. My second thought, this is so much BS I could plant petunias in my voice mail.

If you're not aware there is currently and has been a telephone scam going around the nation and now back again in Louisiana concerning the IRS. The scamming message suggests that you are in trouble with the tax man and if you don't cough up a bunch of money right now the law is going to come get you. If you get one of these calls just ignore it.

The message gives you a number to call and if you happen to dial that number you will be greeted by a voice with a distinct "ain't from around here" accent. The phone operator's broken English will tell you that if you don't provide payment of X amount of dollars the Sheriff will be knocking on your door.

It is a total scam but what has made this scam almost entertaining is the way the internet has taken to fighting back against these low life scumbags. In this video, you'll see what happens when a computer programmer jams an entire call center's phone lines.

I must admit this video is long but I watched and laughed the entire time the scammer agents were getting hosed.

In another video, the scammers actually call an on-duty police officer.

So, if you know someone who really thinks the IRS is coming after them based on a phone call then you need to show them this. It should make them feel a lot better.

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