I just had the pleasure to interview one of my favorite musicians of all time. I got to speak with Sean Yseult, who played bass in the metal band White Zombie for 11 years, from it's beginning to the unfortunate end.

She is now based out of New Orleans and has a new group called Star And Dagger. It features members of Eagles Of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age and Cycle Sluts From Hell. Also, the band features vocalist Von Hesseling who Yseult calls "the best kept secret in New Orleans". "She has this insane voice, very bluesy, really strong, has the looks of Cherie Currie and the balls of Rob Halford," says Yseult laughing. "She's really funny, candid and dirty at times on stage."

We also spoke about her book, which is called 'I'm In the Band: Backstage Notes from the Chick in White Zombie'. The book is an impressive collection of paraphernalia of her touring experiences with White Zombie. "White Zombie had a box set coming out and I found 10-15 boxes of amazing stuff that kinda sums up that whole era," says Yseult.

To listen to the full interview, click the audio player below:

'I'm In The Band' is available on Amazon.com now!


Star And Dagger will be playing The Wild Salmon in Lafayette on Sunday, May 27th with DiNOLA and Jason And The Kruegers. You can find them on Facebook here.


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