There have been 40 homicides reported across Acadiana so far in 2022. To keep track of these incidents, and the victims, KLFY has made an interactive "Murder Map".

Police Lights
Photo courtesy of Crime Stoppers of Vermilion

Acadiana Murder Map

KLFY has constructed an interactive "Murder Map" displaying the approximate location of all 40 homicides across Acadiana by local law enforcement.

According to KLFY "the map does not represent shootings or incidents that only resulted in injuries and/or property damages."

Each reported incident on the map is represented by an icon that you can hover over to read details of the homicide including the victims.

Unfortunately, the map was last updated just two days ago on June 6, 2022.

Hopefully, there won't be any more updates in 2022, but the way things have been going this year that kind of wishful thinking isn't very probable.

KLFY reports that "the information used to create the map has been verified and reported by the police and/or sheriff’s offices of the respective parishes in which they occurred."


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