Game recognizes game?

If you remember the Russo Brothers letter to fans that ask them not to spoil Infinity War for people who haven't seen it, in true Deadpool fashion, he sent out a mock letter about Deadpool 2. The Russo's response was pretty solid.

The Russo Brothers letter went something like this:

To the greatest fans in the world,

We’re about to embark on the Avengers: Infinity War press tour. We will be visiting fans all over the world screening only a limited amount of selected footage from the film in order to avoid spoiling the story for future viewers.

We will not screen the film in its entirety until the Los Angeles premiere shortly before the film’s global release. Everyone involved with the film has worked incredibly hard for the past two years maintaining the highest level of secrecy. Only a handful of people know the film’s true plot.

We’re asking that when you see Infinity War, in the coming months, that you maintain that same level of secrecy so that all fans can have an equal experience when they watch it for the first time. Don’t spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you.

Good luck and happy viewing.

They also released this PSA:

Of course, Deadpool had to get in on the action (This letter is obviously NSFW cause Deadpool):

All it took was one word and one picture (Slightly NSFW):

You can hear Ryan Reynolds'/Deadpool's voice in the response to that tweet:

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