Incubus have worked hard to make themselves ultra-accessible to their fans since returning from a few years of hiatus. Their latest effort to let the fans into their world comes in the form of an expansive multi-disc set featuring live performances from the band’s gigs at Incubus HQ in West Hollywood.

Incubus began with a complete overhaul of their website in an effort to build a stronger relationship with their fanbase. The veteran alt-rockers also purchased a gallery sized property on the famed La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, Calif. and dubbed it Incubus HQ.

“After twenty years, 7 albums, multiple live albums, EPs, DVDs, somewhere in the ball park of 1,500 live shows, what could we do to introduce our newest album, If Not Now, When? in a manner that was both unique and memorable?” asks singer Brandon Boyd. The approach they ultimately settled on was to “invite fans into our living room and play the f—ing album live for them.”

Using Incubus HQ as the venue, the band hit up fans through social media to invite them to sets, spread over the course of six nights, where they would showcase the new material as well as favorites. The sets were broadcast on the Internet, but are now going to be released in both audio and visual format in three different packages of varying scope.

The first package will feature one CD (containing an abridged set list) and one DVD of the performances, with the special edition combo containing two CDs, which contain an expanded track list, and also include the DVD.

There is also a limited edition box set available with the complete performance, a two Blu Ray set and more. To check the full details and track listings, visit the official Incubus website. The standard and special editions of ‘Incubus HQ Live’ are available Aug. 14, while the limited edition box set is available now but will ship on July 6.

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