We have seen recently the danger that kids are facing with access to the internet. We know this, and it's hard to monitor your children's every movement online, but IT IS SO IMPORTANT. Our friends at foreverymom.com are bringing us a list of the most dangerous apps on the internet for your kids. Check what they have, and delete these immediately - you won't be sorry you did.


Tinder - used for hookups and dating

Snapchat - used to send photos and videos to anyone on your friends list

Blendr - flirting app used to meet new people with GPS

Whisper - anonymous confession app

Ask.fm - used almost exclusively by kids for asking questions anonymously

Yik Yak - Users can be exposed to sexually explicit content, derogatory language and personal attacks

Poof - can be used to make other apps 'disappear' on a phone, so kids can hide their other apps

Omegle - primarily used for video chatting

Down - connected to Facebook, and used to be called 'Bang with Friends'





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