We are on the steep down slope to the end of what has been an active but quiet hurricane season. The people who monitor tropical storm formation from a historical perspective will tell you that we are not totally out of the woods for this season but we can see the end of the tunnel.

That being said a weak area of low pressure over the extreme western Caribbean Sea has drawn the attention of the National Hurricane Center. Right now the close proximity to land and the fact that upper level conditions are not conducive for tropical formation doesn't hold out much hope that this system would develop at least anytime in the next few days.

The motion of the system is expected to bring it over the Yucatan and into the very warm waters of the Bay of Campeche in the next few days. Granted the interaction with land should take what little punch this system currently has and make it even weaker it still bears watching.

Currently the Hurricane Center lists the probability of this area of disturbed weather becoming a tropical cyclone at 10% or less over the next five day period. Let's hope the forecasters are right on the money and we can get through the remainder of the hurricane season without a land falling tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico.

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