This is a first for man-kind. We have landed a probe onto a comet! A feat that wasn't easily done.

The probe, Philae, finally landed on the comet after a 10 year and 4 BILLION MILE chase!

Philae's harpoons, which would anchor it to the comet, didn't fire as they should have. Scientists were working to figure out what went wrong. They are still deciding if they are going to re-fire the harpoons. Doing so could give lift off to Philae, and send it floating into space.

The latest update is that Philae is sitting nicely on the comet. Scientists aren't sure if they are sitting in a sandbox on the comet, or really what is keeping it there, as there isn't much gravity, but it's working.

Also, Philae may have landed twice...after landing the first time, the probe started to lift off again after touching down. It began to turn itself, but touched back down for a second time.

Philae has started to transmit images and data. It will reconnect tomorrow morning.

You can also follow the probe on Twitter! Here's an image it transmitted back.


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