Terry Bollea, better known to the world as Hulk Hogan, apparently now has a sex tape that's being shopped around. NO! Although they do have a kinda stranger than usual relationship, it's not with Brooke! 

The tape reportedly shows the 58 year old Hulkster engaged in sexual acts with an unidentified brunette woman. Not surprisingly, he's none too happy about it, saying that it was filmed without his knowledge. Via wwtdd.com (site NSFW)

Hogan says that he was set-up, and that the tape, which is currently being shopped around, is an ‘outrageous invasion of privacy’ (which) was ’secretly taped’ and that he never approved of it’s filming nor subsequent release.

dailymail.co.uk adds

"(Hulk) neither approved of the filming nor the release of the same.  It is clearly an outrageous invasion of privacy and breach of trust if it is genuine.  We will take all necessary steps to enforce both civil and criminal liability."

Do you think it was really filmed without his knowledge or is this a publicity stunt???