Got to be honest, I'm pretty excited about the solar eclipse tomorrow. This will be fun, and pretty weird. As with most huge events that people are interested in, there are jerks everywhere you turn looking to make a fast buck, even if it means putting people in danger. I found this video showing how to spot fake, unsafe eclipse glasses no matter what is printed on them, and how to test the ones you have for safety.

First, you're looking to make sure your eclipse glasses are on the American Astronomical Society's safety list of approved manufacturers. You can check over at

Next, check to see your eclipse glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. If they do, it will be printed on the glasses.

OK sure, anyone can simply print whatever they want on the glasses to make it look like they're legit. But, there is a way you can test them using your just a cellphone.

Check out the video below to learn what to look for while looking at the flash on your cell phone camera.


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