I guess when you put electronics in your home that are supposed to listen to everything you say, and they actually do that, this is the outcome that we can expect.

Were you aware that your Amazon Alexa was recording your conversations? Even some that you didn't tell it to.

I, for one, have been watching television, and Alexa will perk up and say something. Which is really freaky during a scary movie!

So, your Alexa device is always listening. That's something that you're probably aware of. Sometimes, she can malfunction and record entire conversations, then send those private conversations to your friends. This actually happened to a couple in Oregon.

There's a way to see exactly what Alexa has recorded. You're able to listen to those conversations, and ultimately delete them should you decide to do so. Keep in mind that deleting the history could slow your device down because you're essentially deleting things that it "learned."

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