Five factors were researched in order to determine how much it cost to be a fan of each of the 32 teams in the NFL for one season.

HomeToGo did the research to figure it all out. Some of the factors are the price of tickets, game day snacks for every game, and travel and accommodation for away games.

Some of the teams away game schedules added quite a bit of money to their fans cost. So, where do New Orleans Saints fans fit in? We're actually on the cheaper side coming in at number 7 of the CHEAPEST teams to be a fan of this season.

The average cost to be a Saints fan this season is $5,042.45. That can get you tickets to all games including away games, travel and hotel accommodations, as well as game day snacks!

Here are the 10 cheapest teams to be a fan of this season:

1. Washington Redskins: $4,469.26
2. Atlanta Falcons: $4,617.19
3. New York Giants: $4,744.39
4. Pittsburgh Steelers: $4,746.13
5. Cincinnati Bengals: $4,919.47
6. Los Angeles Rams: $4,976.12
7. New Orleans Saints: $5,042.45
8. New York Jets: $5,173.39
9. Chicago Bears: $5,308.51
10. Tennessee Titans: $5,545.01

And the 10 most expensive teams to be a fan of this season are:

32. Buffalo Bills: $7,991.15
31. Houston Texans: $7,620.84
30. Oakland Raiders: $7,292.13
29. Detroit Lions: $7,082.55
28. Seattle Seahawks: $7,059.66
27. Philadelphia Eagles: $6,985.36
26. Jacksonville Jaguars: $6,679.27
25. San Francisco 49ers: $6,525.58
24. Carolina Panthers: $6,377.89
23. Miami Dolphins: $6,376.84

Boy, Buffalo Bills fans have it bad!

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