How many former Louisiana (formerly both Southwestern Louisiana Institute and University of Southwestern Louisiana) Ragin' Cajun baseball players went on to play Major League Baseball?

Well, with the recent call up of shortstop Blake Trahan by the Cincinnati Reds, the number now sits at 14, according mostly to the Baseball Almanac.

I say "mostly" to the Baseball Almanac, because they didn't include Alvin Dark, who I know should be on the list.

Dark, who played at SLI in 1944 and 1945, prior to hitting a .323 as the starting shortstop for the Boston Braves in 1948, winning Rookie of the Year honors, and then later guiding the San Francisco Giants to the 1962 World Series title as a manager, was the first to make it.

Of course, Ron Guidry, a 4-time All-Star and 1978 American League Cy Young Award winner is probably the most famous, while Jonathan Lucroy, a third round draft choice of the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007, and a 2-time All-Star, along with relief pitcher Danny Farquhar, and now Trahan, are the most recent, but there have been others.

Below is a list of former Cajuns who played in Major League Baseball:

Alvin Dark---1944-1945---Played 14 MLB seasons, in 1946, and then from 1948-1960
Ron Guidry---1969-1970---Played 14 MLB seasons, from 1975-1988
Jose Alvarez---1977-1978---Played 4 MLB seasons, from 1981-1982, and then from 1988-1989
Xavier Hernandez---1984-1986---Played 10 MLB seasons, from 1989-1998
Chris Howard---1988---Played 3 MLB seasons, 1991, and then from 1993-1994
Donne Wall---1988-1989---Played 8 MLB seasons, from 1995-2002
Gary Haught---1991-1992---Played 1 MLB season, in 1997
Paul Bako---1991-1993---Played 12 MLB seasons, from 1998-2009
B.J. Ryan---1997-1998---Played 11 MLB seasons, from 1999-2009
Scott Dohmann---1999-2000---Played in 5 MLB seasons, from 2004-2008
Jonathan Lucroy---2005-2007---Has played in 7 MLB seasons, from 2010-present
Chad Beck---2006---Played in 2 MLB seasons, from 2011-2012
Danny Farquhar---2006-2008---Has played in 5 MLB seasons, in 2011, and then from 2013-present
Blake Trahan---2018---Just called up by the Cincinnati Reds.

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