The excitement is building around the Horse Farm property in Lafayette, LA. From farmers markets to special events and the planning stages of development into a passive park, there's a lot that can be done with the property, but just how big is the Horse Farm? The approximate space in the middle of Lafayette designated as the Horse Farm takes up 100 acres. It's a little hard to visualize 100 acres, especially since there are hills and tree lines that take up the visual space. For comparison, here is a snapshot of Lafayette, and the area including the Cajundome and Convention Center, Cajun Field and all related parking is placed side by side with the Horse Farm. The property also has a long 'tail' that extends to West Bayou Parkway across from Optimist Point boat landing. With two ways in and out of the Horse Farm possible, that is a bonus for those planning to develop the area. What would you like to see done with the Horse Farm property?

There are multiple opportunities to have your voice heard, and hear what others are proposing in terms of development in a series of meetings.


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