2012 has been a pretty great year for Playboy – but then isn’t it always?

Hef and crew have mastered the art of finding the foxiest girls in the world and presenting them to us in all their glory. All their glory is a nice way of saying “minus clothing.” We’d argue that 2012 brought us some of the hottest Playboy girls ever, but getting into a debate about gorgeous women is a losing battle. Everyone has a favorite and no one is ever wrong. So let’s just all agree the girls of Playboy in 2012 were top-notch.

Instead of arguing, let’s all just admire the hottest Playboy girls of 2012. We’ve got

Heather Knox


Heather Knox we’ve sung the praises of more than once on this site. Can you blame us? January’s ‘Playmate of the Month’ perfectly epitomizes everything we love in a Playmate – a perfect body, a charming personality and a willingness to pose for photographs wearing anything – or nothing at all. She was also the most search Playboy girl on our website for 2012. This girl’s going to be a big star, mark our words.

Jade Bryce


There’s something about the look in Jade Bryce‘s face that just does it for us. The February 2012 Cyber Girl of the Month also shares our passion for travel, having visited four continents with just a backpack. We love girls who know how to rough it.

Jessie Shannon


Jessie Shannon has been appearing in Playboy productions for some time, on their website and in Playboy Special Editions (which are basically just like the regular magazine with everything but hot chicks edited out). Needless to say, we have a major thing for her. She lit up our 2012.

Leola Bell


Oh, my, Leola Bell. Miss February was an inspired choice for Miss February. First discovered at a Playboy Golf event (and who can play golf with all those hot girls around?), she quickly became a favorite around the Mansion and was tapped to anchor the centerfold. The South Beach native hasn’t let fame go to her head, as she interacts with her fans daily on Twitter.

Kayleigh Elizabeth


Kayleigh Elizabeth was the Cyber Girl of the Week, and we’ve found ourselves returning to her well a few times since. There’s just something about her body – a nice alternative to the sometimes stick-thin girls that Hef likes – that makes us think of ‘Mad Men’s’ Joan Holloway, only upgraded for the 21st century with a little sexual liberation. We approve and have named Kayleigh one of the hottest Playboy girls of 2012.

Skylar Hart


Skylar Hart was Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week earlier in April, and already people are clamoring to see more of her. It’s interesting that Playboy girls can now show more tattoos than they used to – it would be unimaginable even ten years ago for the magazine to showcase ladies with this much ink.

Chloe Miranda


Chloe Miranda has rapidly rocketed to the top of our Playboy crush chart, and for good reason. Not only is she an absolutely gorgeous California 20-year-old, she also has a soft spot for Mortal Kombat. Where have you been all our lives?

Jessica Burciaga


Jessica Burciaga first wowed us in 2009 in when she was picked to be Miss February, but Playboy caught back up with her and she hasn’t lost a step. The gorgeous Mexican-French-Irish model said that she likes shooting nude more now than she ever did because she’s more comfortable with her body. We’d like to get more comfortable with this Playboy girl too — in 2012 and for years to come.

Raquel Pomplun


Miss April Raquel Pomplun shared the cover of the Sex and Music issue with Bruno Mars, but we’re not threatened by a little twerp like him. We’d love to make music with Raquel, one of the hottest Playboy girls of 2012 She also has a thing for Pitbull, though, and he’s a little more imposing. The hottie is pursuing her biochemistry degree and loves music and soccer.

Nikki Leigh


April showers brought May flowers but May flowers could learn a thing or two about beauty from May Playmate of the Month Nikki Leigh. Nikki Leigh is a striking, leggy California beauty who isn’t just a pretty face – she’s also a full-time Gold Key honor student at CSU Fullerton.

Jaclyn Swedberg


The 2011 Playmate of the Year is a jaw dropper. Did you expect anything less from a Playmate of the Year? Jaclyn loves reading thrillers, baking, doing yoga, playing Scrabble,and traveling – she’s been to more than 20 countries. We’d love to travel around the world with this bunny, one of the hottest Playboy girls of 2012.

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