If there was any time in our lives when we might be interested in getting away from it all, this is likely it. And by "getting away", we mean way away, like leaving this planet.

Space travel for regular folks has long been a goal of many and one of these days it'll happen. (Who knows if it'll be in our lifetime, but let's dream.)

So, just in time for National Aerospace Week, Hotels.com has announced its goal of becoming the first online travel site to provide future hotel bookings in space.

Because hotels in space don't exist yet, Hotels.com imagined what travelers might see when they are able to take that intergalactic vacation.

The website OneSmallStepForHotels.com gives future space travelers a glimpse of what hotel life might be when it goes zero gravity. Below are some of the highlights one might expect when orbiting the site:

  • Space Suit Robe & Moon Boot Slipper set -- These premium galactic robes and slippers are made out of state-of-the-art temperature-controlled technology, perfect to snuggle into after a star-gazing bath.
  • Supernova Wake-Up Call -- Start your day off right with a holographic wake-up call. These will be customizable from a library of 800 earthling celebrities and available in over 10,000 languages -- 3,500 of which are celestial.
  • Meteor Minibar -- It's always 5:00 somewhere in space. Your minibar will be stocked full of cosmic cosmos, Martian martinis, and astronomical snacks from outside our solar system.

Now, Hotels.com is always having a little fun before space travel is actually a thing. If you can prove you have one of the eight planets in your legal first, middle or last name, you can be among the first 20 galactic travelers to receive a $250 Hotels.com gift card to be used toward a future hotel stay in space...or here on Earth if you just can't wait that long.

Check out a few pictures of what Hotels.com envisions accommodations in space to look like.

Hotels.com Space Hotel

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