Fellas...it's your time to shine in 2022.

Usually, it's the ladies that get all the attention in the summer for obvious reasons. Bikinis, crop tops, and short shorts. It seems that the gentlemen will be flexing this year with the growing popularity of the 'hoochie daddy' shorts. Oh, what a time.

We even have a chart to dictate the level of 'hoochie daddy' you are!


The recent trend of short shorts isn't a completely new concept. They started popping up around 2-3 years ago. I love the short shorts look on guys, especially if they have great legs, but all body types can pull these off. It's about time the dudes got the spotlight on them for their summer attire.

The internet had a field day with this one, as you can expect.

Fellas...wear the hoochie shorts. Just do it. The ladies shouldn't be the only ones showing skin out here. Would you wear some 'hoochie daddy' shorts?

^^ Preach, girl.

I can't wait to see all the 'hoochie daddy' shorts this summer.

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