Acadiana Congressman Clay Higgins is pushing back on the proposed new tariffs that would target the imports of steel and aluminum. The announcement, which many describe as rushed, was made by President Trump at a briefing last week.

The Republican lawmaker points to the importance of the oil and gas industry in the overall economy and private investments worth over $100 million.


Read the full statement below:

I agree with President Trump that we should promote trade policies that place Americans first. However, we must also consider the American industries that rely upon imported steel. We have major industrial growth in South Louisiana from the LNG industry that requires specialty steels, which aren’t available domestically. They have no option but to import those materials in order to complete project construction. A new tariff, or tax, on imported steel, would increase the costs of production and alter the economic benefit model for every one of the ongoing and announced projects in our state. I am hopeful the President will take the economic impact of this industry into account as he considers changes in trade policy.


The proposed tariffs have been a sticking point in Washington, DC. It was among the President's many campaign promises but has been the source of division among Democrats and Republicans.

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